Ryan Dumais

· Web Developer

Danielson, CT
[email protected]
PHP HTML CSS JavaScript API Calls

photos.cat started out a fun, side project that I worked on in my spare time. I found two APIs that I utilized in the application, one that generates a random URL of a cat photo, and the other that generates a random cat fact. I put both of these APIs to work to create a scrollable experience for users to enjoy.

The project features a JavaScript library named 'Swiper' that allows the mobile and desktop functionality of the 'swiping gallery' effect. The library is powerful and allows additional slides to be loaded as you progress through the preloaded slides. As additional slides are created simple cURL requests are made through a PHP server to load the content.

HTML CSS JavaScript SQL SyteLine ERP

Using Syteline, my team and I were able to create a company dashboard that displays a company calendar, company announcements, and other helpful widgets. The focal point of the project was to introduce an electronic display of our Key Performance Indicators: Customer Complaints, Delivered On Time and In Full (DIFOT), and Defective Parts per Million (DPMU).

This project was truly unique because it was my first project involving an ERP system. This required me to learn and digest the vast possibilities of a powerful software. I was able to apply my knowledge of web development into this project and learn more about the web along the way.

HTTP Requests SQL SyteLine ERP

Linemaster’s purpose for this customization was to reduce shipping errors that occur before product shipment. We often ran into problems where the customer’s address was never validated which then caused late shipments and frustration. Linemaster decided it would be best to find problems with addresses and validate them immediately before they become an issue at the end of the road.


This project was developed to provide a central location for onboarding content for new hires at Linemaster. It features a pin-based login system which tracks employee progress through pre-planned 'tracks' of on-the-job knowledge. As new content is released employees will be notified and their training awaits them in the portal. Content is reviewable and utilizes a JavaScript library, VideoJS , which adds keyboard functionality for video playback and other functions through their API. Training videos and material are designed to be added through Syteline which ties to a SQL backend.