LSC Print Reset – Instructions

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Using the Application

Once the application is fully loaded (after the orange spinner is gone) we can interact with it. The program is split into two rows: one for cleaning the printer and one for replacing the print head on the printer. From there we split the two rows into three columns each with different functions for each printer. Below is a legend on how each button operates:

Copy Button

This button’s function is to navigate to the printer’s web page, grab the configuration text, and copy it to your clipboard for easy copy/paste access. This is useful for copying the configuration text into the ticket before and after resetting the print count.

The configuration text that we are looking to grab with this Copy button is below.

635,120 IN RESET CNTR1
1,613,344 CM RESET CNTR1
7,734 CM RESET CNTR2 <-------------------  Digits grabbed using regex


Reset Count Button

This button’s function is to run the .bat files necessary to reset the printer’s count. Once clicked a cmd prompt will open and prompt a response for confirmation of reset. The only accepted character is ‘Y’ any other response will terminate the cmd and will not run the reset. This logic is handed within the .bat file.

Navigate Button

This button’s function is to open a web browser and navigate to the printer’s configuration page. It is not essential to the process of resetting the printer but it saves time if necessary.

Info/Instruction Button

This button’s purpose is to open a modal within the program that will briefly explain the use of each button – basically, a TLDR; of this document.

Refresh Button

This button’s purpose is to refresh the print count data for each printer. This function can be run any time. If data cannot be refreshed (e.g. the printer is being used and the printer configuration web page is inaccessible) an error will be shown until the next successful refresh of the printer.

Copy Solution Text Button

This button’s function is to copy ‘Cleaned Zebra per Manufacturer’s Manual’ to your clipboard. This is primary used for the ticket’s solution field.

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