Adding Grand Summaries to Custom Dataview Layouts in Syteline


Follow this article to add grand summaries to custom dataview layouts in Infor’s Syteline.


Open the dataview that you would like to add grand summaries to.

Click the ‘Display’ dropdown on the dataview and select ‘Show Options’ from the menu.

On the column header of ‘Total Payment’ click the icon that resembles a backwards ‘E’.

A window will open, make sure ‘Sum’ is checked and click ‘OK’.

The Grand Summaries will now show the column.

Click the ‘Display’ dropdown and select ‘Hide Options’ from the menu

Click the ‘Layout’ drop-down and select ‘Save As’

Enter a name for the custom dataview and select the ‘Default’ checkbox and click ‘OK’.

The total will now show in the dataview when the report is previewed.

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