You’re Missing out on Free Money

Disclaimer: I am not making money or using any referral links in this post. I am simply passing on knowledge that I wish I knew about sooner.


Do you have an online savings account? No, I do not mean a traditional savings account at the local bank branch that gives you $0.02 a month in interest. I mean a high-yield savings account that you can easily transfer money to or withdraw from nearly any ATM. The difference is monumental…

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Windows 10 Reset Administrator Account Password


This article will use a known Windows backdoor to grant access to cmd prompt on Windows login screen. The process temporary replaces the ‘sticky key’ function and instead triggers cmd prompt, therefore allowing changes to the user account before login.

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UPS Address Validation in Syteline



Linemaster’s purpose for this customization was to reduce shipping errors that occur before product shipment. We often ran into problems where the customer’s address was never validated which then caused late shipments and frustration. Linemaster decided it would be best to find problems with addresses and validate them immediately before they become an issue at the end of the road.

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Voltage, it matters.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few weeks now and I am finally getting around to it. I have been experimenting with transforming my small apartment into a ‘smart’ apartment. Controlling devices by voice and the general automation peaks my curiosity. Through the process, I have run into typical technical troubles, but this problem was unique.

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Access the Web Directory in Ubuntu 16.04

Estimated Completion Time: 10 Minutes | Difficulty: Beginner


Knowing how to access your web root on your Ubuntu server is critical in order to upload your documents to the web. In this tutorial, we will create a new user account to handle the file transfers, give the user account administrative access, and utilize FileZilla to connect to our FTP server. This tutorial is written as a sequel to my original article Create a Web Server with Digital Ocean that I had written last week, but it can be followed from without having to read the original article.

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