You’re Missing out on Free Money

Disclaimer: I am not making money or using any referral links in this post. I am simply passing on knowledge that I wish I knew about sooner.


Do you have an online savings account? No, I do not mean a traditional savings account at the local bank branch that gives you $0.02 a month in interest. I mean a high-yield savings account that you can easily transfer money to or withdraw from nearly any ATM. The difference is monumental…

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The Trip to Minnesota

I am the newer guy in the department as I was hired on as a temporary intern while I was finishing my studies at my local community college. My manager offered me to stick around and work full time hourly. I happily accepted the offer as I knew this would help develop my skills and I love what I did. A few months of hard work after being offered full-time, the IT Manager offered me to stay on his team permanently as salaried. I was astonished. I always knew this day would come and I’m thrilled to see my work paid for itself.

It started a couple months ago when my IT Manager brought up the idea of a couple of us attending the Infor TechEd conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have been with Linemaster for less than a year so I knew my chances of going to TechEd was slim. Fortunately, this conference was educational and was designed for developers to learn more about their product, Syteline. Sooner than later I was asked if I would be interested in traveling to attend this event, which I happily accepted. I consider that moment a milestone in my life – my first business trip.

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